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Sample Dashboards

Innovative Architecture Analytics with Power BI 3D Visualization

Development of a comprehensive Power BI dashboard integrating with Autodesk Revit for detailed area and room analysis by floor, complemented with interactive 3D modeling capabilities.

Automotive Marketplace Arbitrage Strategy with Power BI

Creation of an intuitive Power BI dashboard for analyzing car pricing data, identifying undervalued vehicles, and streamlining arbitrage opportunities.

Comprehensive Training Dashboard

A polished, portrait-oriented report for coaching analytics

Health and Safety Analytics

A polished and clean presentation that makes masterful use of varied tooltips to provide extensive analytical insights pertaining to Health and Safety services, within a compact report.

Anytime Fitness Analytics

Nicely futuristic laid out report that uses tooltip; easy to navigate and has well-designed filter panel.

Algo Trading Portfolio

A report designed with easy navigation showing a comprehensive analysis of the factors that affect profit.