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Excel is Holding You Back?

Still reporting in Excel? You're Giving Your Competitors the Edge

Why It Is Bad For Business

Unlock More Value with Power BI: Overcoming Excel's Business Limitations

Loss of Historical Data

Excel's format makes it difficult to track data over time, hampering long-term analysis and trend spotting.

Alienates Audience

Excel isn't user-friendly for everyone. Staff outside of data roles find it confusing, leading to low engagement.

Sharing Hurdles

Even with cloud solutions, real-time sharing is cumbersome and risky, as data could be accidentally modified or deleted.

Analysis Pitfalls

The complexity and data volume in Excel can lead to misinterpretation, resulting in poor decision-making.

Hidden Key Data

The raw data format makes it hard to spotlight crucial metrics, causing teams to miss important insights.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Forget checking data on-the-go, Excel dashboards don't play well with smartphones and No real-time data.

Your Competitors Have Upgraded to Dashboards.
Have You?

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